Pathology & Soil Science LIVE

The Pathology & Soil Science LIVE area will allow visitors to look in detail at the symptoms of some common turfgrass fungal disease problems, as infected plants are magnified and displayed on a large screen. Turfgrass roots that are infected with plant parasitic nematodes will also be shown in order to demonstrate the way in which these parasites can affect root development and function. During this informal demonstration, short video clips will also be shown to allow visitors to see both fungi and plant parasitic nematodes in greater detail. Pathology & Soil Science LIVE will be hosted by renowned turf consultant Alex Vickers and MD of the Turf Disease Centre Kate Entwistle.

Kate Entwistle

Kate established the Turf Disease Centre in 2000 to provide an independent analysis and information service on turfgrass pests and diseases.

Armed with a background of plant pathology, physiology and microbiology at Birmingham University and Long Ashton Research station. She achieved her first degree in 1986 and her PhD in 1995.

She currently works closely with turf managers, consultant agronomists and technical representatives from across the amenity sector, mostly in the UK and Ireland, but increasingly throughout Europe and beyond.

Alex Vickers

Alex is a popular and well-respected turf consultant within the UK’s turf industry and currently works as a consultant within the IOG’s Turf Care Advisory scheme. He previously worked with turf consultancy TGMS before his recent four-year soil science consultancy role in Uganda.

Pathology and Soil Science LIVE will take place on the IOG Hub (stand C180) between 11-1pm daily