Richard Salmon

Honorary President – UK LawnCare Association

Richard started his agriculture career at a young age working on farms, and went on to gain his HND in Agriculture at Writtle Agricultural College in the 1980s. He progressed to working for Fisons/Boots (FBC) who became Profarma where he worked as an agronomist advising farmers on growing crops. As part of this role, Richard advised  farmers on fertiliser and pesticide inputs to improve crop yields.

After working out in the field, Richard changed his career focus to becoming the UK Sales Manager for an agricultural manufacturer, Stefes. However after another company merger; Richard decided to set up ProLawnCare Ltd in 1999 with his ex-company car and trailer and started treating homeowner’s lawns.

Richard is known for his profound agronomic knowledge and problem solving. He loves solving weed and moss problems in lawns. In addition his passion for the business is driven through delivering professional treatments that can dramatically improve a lawn without needing to returf.

When Richard set up the business, his vision for ProLawnCare was to build a local independent business, employing local people, serving the needs of local lawn owners.  His future vision for the business is to improve lawns beyond expectation and below budget. Within the business, the team know Richard is always the font of all knowledge when it comes to lawns – but they still love it when they know something he doesn’t!

In addition to running ProLawnCare Richard set up the UK Lawn Care Association in 2002.  This Association encourages best practice and keeps all 60 lawn care companies, who are members up to date with the latest trends within lawn care.  There is a web site, listing all members and sponsors and an Annual Conference held in January, with guest speakers covering technical, legislation and marketing subjects.

As well as ProLawnCare and UKLCA, Richard also runs bespoke training (ProLawnCare (UK) Ltd) for anyone looking to start up their own lawn care business.  This appeals to individuals looking for a career change, gardeners looking to expand in to lawn care, or lawn care companies looking to learn more to improve their businesses.