Frank Newberry

How to get an appointment with Frank

1) Go to the IOG information desk on the IOG Hub
2) Ask for a Job Clinic appointment
3) Choose your topic
4) Get your personal time slot
5) Go to the Job Clinic at your allotted time.

CV and interview advice with Frank Newberry at the IOG Hub

Industry expert Frank Newberry will be hosting 15-minutes one-to-one Job Clinic session on the IOG Hub (C180) between 9am and 3pm each day at SALTEX.

There are five sessions available which include information on: perfecting your CV; proactive job search & cover letters; doing well at job interviews; negotiating your package; being a better interviewer (for employers).

Session Title Details
Session 1

Perfecting your CV

  • How to FORMAT your CV
  • How to make the CV look good
  • How the CV makes YOU look good
  • How to PRESENT your CV
Session 2

Proactive job search

  • How to apply for an OUTSIDE job
  • How to apply for an INTERNAL job
  • Exploiting the HIDDEN job market
  • Applying for jobs that DON’T EXIST.
Session 3

Doing well at interview

  • How to present yourself
  • What interviewers look for
  • Questions to prepare for
  • Tough things they might ask.
Session 4

Negotiating your package

  • How to discuss ‘your situation’
  • How to make good ‘proposals’
  • How to deal with tricky reactions
  • How to make and close ‘the deal’.
Session 5

Being a better interviewer (for employers)

  • How to prepare for the interview
  • How to structure the interview
  • How to ask good questions
  • How to not be fooled (by candidates)